Be A Product Of The Product And Get Paid

Be A Product Of The Product And Get Paid
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

6th Week of 10: Concentrate On Overcoming Fear Toward Transformation

Fear is a powerful form of thought.  It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood. 

This in turn, paralyzed the muscular system, so that fear affects the entire being, body, brain, nerve, physical, mental and muscular.

The way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power. 

Time is flying - - - the last couple of weeks kept me busy with consciously treating myself lovingly for Valentines time.  In case you missed it check out this Yoga FlavaVideo from my Sensual Healing Series:

What's the solution to keeping your weight loss and fitness motivation? 

Whenever you have a fear of something take all the negative aspects away from it; then all you have left is the positive! You then have no fear.

Sounds easy right?

It's not. It takes guts to stay focused with outstanding weight loss motivation until you reach your weight loss goals.

Guts come from being fed up with something. Are you fed up? If you are, go for it and focus on the rewards of accomplishment, not the consequences of failure. If you have some type of fear regarding weight loss and fitness motivation, just do it and stay focused on the good.

There is so much good to focus on in weight loss & keep your weight loss and fitness motivation elevated.

Even if you're a million pounds overweight, and you feel you've just tried everything and nothing has worked, and your fear may be that you don't want to waste your time again or tell your friends about another diet or plan your trying, forget about it!

Forget about that negativity and just focus on weight loss motivation for the benefits of a stronger heart, breathing better, having more energy, and setting a good example for your kids or someone else that may see your efforts. Better than that, focus on the relief of stress and how much this will help your focus.

We all have stress in our lives and would welcome stress relief. Good weight loss and fitness motivation strengthens your "internal watchdog" and allows you to handle stress much more effectively.

You'll find that by using the proper weight loss and fitness motivation techniques, before you know it the fear is gone and you become more focused.

If you do fail at first, and I say at first, because anyone who keeps trying is going to succeed, (I have never seen anyone who was determined, fail if they keep trying,) don't let it go to your head. You did your best, you had guts, you're a winner!

There's weight loss and fitness motivation in you somewhere that will keep you going. Find it and get your butt going again.

When success goes to someone s head its bad, but not nearly as bad as when failure goes to someone s head! Don't let it go to your head. Remember this now, have no fear.

You will be successful in any endeavor in life in direct proportion to the amount of fear and failure you can handle.

So if you think sometimes that you are a big failure but you have a strong threshold for rejection, then you will end up always a big success with a big threshold for failure!

When thinking of your weight loss and fitness motivation & weight loss goals, remove all fears by:
  1. Focusing on the good
  2. Focusing on the objective
  3. Focusing on the goal
  4. Focusing on the solution
  5. Focusing on your aim
  6. Focusing on your destination
When you do, you'll see how quickly the fears disappear and you'll realize that you are retaining a high level of weight loss motivation.

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