Be A Product Of The Product And Get Paid

Be A Product Of The Product And Get Paid
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Give The Gift Of Wellness: Strengthen Your Wealth Building!

Here Is An Opportunity For Holiday Wellness And Wealth!

Give the gift of wellness for the holidays.

First give YOURSELF the gift of wellness:

Make a commitment to maintain your wellness on a monthly basis.

I.  Reccurring Order of wellness products:
* you can change monthly for a $100.00 commitment
* use the products for yourself or give as gifts
*I suggest the "Levive" for the holidays - Instead of a bottle of wine gift :-)

II.  Order Only $99.00 of additional products and qualify for Ardyss Business Builder Pack!
*Perhaps a body shaper for yourself for the holiday or any of the other fabulous products.
*Save $100.00 if you order before November 30th.  Otherwise the usual start-up cost is $299.00

III.  Start Wealth Building
* Once you have completed the first two steps you will officially become your own distributor, able to operate your own business with your own web sites and a long list of the financial benefits that come from being involved in an established business of 20 years.

Check out this video to learn more about your compensation:

Let me know your questions, comment and commitment:      E-mail:   robin@yogaflava

Web site for Wealth & Wellness

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